COVID 19 Training Protocols

Updated October 21, 2021:

At present, most restrictions have been lifted for martial arts facilities and fitness centers. We are allowed to train without the use of masks and we can train with others with no social distancing. We’re very happy to be back! There is one major restriction we wish to address here on the website and that is the requirement to show proof of vaccination.

The rules are ever changing for businesses but currently, we are one of the industries required to check the vaccination status of our customers. Because our business is membership based, we only have to check one time and record it in our system to show we have checked on it. We understand that there are some people who feel averse to sharing their vaccination status and we respect your right feel this way. Unfortunately, we still cannot forego the process of checking your status. We are operating under the idea that the vaccination rules were implemented to keep society safe and thus will not risk incurring fines or having our license to do business pulled to accommodate people who are choosing not to get vaccinated or simply do not feel comfortable sharing their vaccination status. We understand you have misgivings and though we may not feel the same way as you, we are not doing this to exclude anyone who wishes to train. This isn’t a political thing for us. We simply believe the experts are requiring proof because they believe it is the best thing to do. We sincerely hope this is not a barrier for you to train with us but if it is, we wanted to put this message on our site so you can save yourself the time of effort and needing to ask us our policy.

Best regards and we hope to meet you on the mats soon!

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