COVID 19 Training Protocols

Updated April 16, 2022:

As of April 8th, the last restrictions placed on martial arts facilities were lifted meaning that we no longer are required to provide proof of vaccination. We are extremely happy to be back to full fledged training without masks and without the need for the awkward process of asking about people’s medical history. From the start of the pandemic, we were pretty firmly on the side of being cautious and observing the recommendations of the medical establishment. This wasn’t a political thing for us but rather was simply a desire to keep our members and their loved ones safe. After all the ups and downs, we couldn’t be happier to be done with all of the shifting goal posts on how to do that! 

We are currently operating as we were pre-pandemic with a few small adjustments as our understanding grew of how virus’s spread throughout the pandemic. Our facility was always kept clean but we are more careful than we were pre-pandemic. We keep spray bottles with sanitizing solution throughout the gym and ask our staff and the members to all contribute to keep the space extra sanitary. We also have hand sanitizer in various locations throughout the facility and encourage the use of them before and after training or even during if deemed necessary. We have also adopted a very strict “not so much as a sniffle” policy. If a member has any sensation that they may be coming down with something, they are asked to stay home wait until they are 100% asymptomatic before attending a class. If members travel, they are asked to take a couple days after returning to ensure they stay asymptomatic. Pandemic or not, these changes are just smart and will be a “new-normal” for us going forward.

We won’t ask your vaccination status. We only ask that you think about the well being of your training partners, some of whom have vulnerable loved ones in their lives. Be hyper-hygienic, and be honest about whether you are possibly coming down with something and avoid the gym if you think it’s even a minute possibility. Other than that, lets just work hard while we train together and push ourselves and our teammates to becomes our best versions of ourselves!

Best regards and we hope to meet you on the mats soon!

Greg Lamothe and the Martial Arts Unlimited Family

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