Things to take note of regarding our schedule

  1. We offer kickboxing, kickboxing, and more kickboxing. If you want kickboxing, we have a LOT of opportunities for you to train whether you are a novice or advanced.
  2. Our program is class based. We don’t currently offer open gym times to “come hit the bag” except unofficially for 30 minutes after classes when there is nothing else going on in the gym. We do offer private lessons in the spaces between classes where instructor availability permits but your workouts will primarily occur during class times.
  3. There are occasional interruptions to our regular schedule for holidays, special events, inclement weather, etc. These don’t occur often and we try our best to always post notices in our Facebook Group as well as on the website.


We close on stat holidays!

As much as we love teaching kickboxing, we need to take a break once in a while. If you are hoping to train on a stat holiday, we apologize for the inconvenience. 


Class Schedule 

Come on In!

Your first lesson is on us! Come meet the team, see the facility, and get an up close experience of our training.

Contact us


(250) 590-1977



70 Gorge Rd. West, Victoria BC, V9A 1M1