Greg Lamothe – Owner/Operator/ Head Instructor

Greg began training in martial arts at the age of sixteen learning Tracy’s Kenpo under 9th degree black belt Ralph Chinnick. Greg currently holds his 2nd degree black belt in that style. At age nineteen, he was introduced to kickboxing under Jason Chinnick and has competed and won awards in multiple kickboxing competition events including his biggest accomplishment to date, the IKF Amateur Welterweight World Title.



After years of training in a variety of martial arts, Greg made kickboxing the focus of both his training and teaching. Before deciding to specialize in striking, he trained in submission wrestling under Jason Chinnick and holds the rank of Sankyu Deshi (3rd Kyu Apprentice) in Submission Arts Wrestling (S.A.W.). Greg was also honoured in June of 2014 with his 1st Dan (1st degree black belt) in Pankration under Master Mike Martelle. In addition to his experience as a practitioner, Greg has taught martial arts to both adults and children since 2002.

In addition to his own success in competition, Greg has coached many of his own athletes to successful competition experiences including some who have won regional titles.

Greg believes that martial arts should be a lifestyle rather than simply a means to compete with others. With that philosophy in mind, he continues to learn and study the sport with a beginner’s mind. He believes that the best coaches are those that remain open to new ideas no matter the accolades they have already achieved. Along with the technical aspects of kickboxing, Greg also tries to stay up to date on the latest literature on sports/exercise physiology, sports nutrition, sports psychology, human performance, or any field of study that may compliment his skills as a coach.

Championship Titles

  • Amateur IKF Modified Muay Thai Canadian Welterweight Champion
  • Amateur IKF Modified Muay Thai North American Welterweight Champion
  • Amateur IKF Modified Muay Thai World Welterweight Champion

John Bui – Head Instructor

John shares the Head instructor role with Greg and was Greg’s acting coach and cornerman while Greg was climbing the amateur ranks in search of championships. John began his study of martial arts at the age of 8 at Canada’s Best Karate (CBK). At the age of 13 he received his black belt under the instruction of Sensei Leigh Mueller. At 14, he began participation in CBK’s Instructor Program and earned valuable teaching experience while completing the program over the next couple of years. At 17, his family moved to Vancouver forcing him to leave his role at CBK but opening up an opportunity to train in Kyokushin Karate under Tatsuji Nakamura while also cross training under Simon Posener, one of Western Canada’s leading and most respected striking coaches.



John began attending classes with Greg Lamothe at Martial Arts Unlimited Victoria when the gym was still a part time and unproven endeavour. Greg, impressed with John’s skill and his ability to work with new students, invited John to teach for the school. John has since grown into a leadership role in the school and is one of our head coaches. He has become a master cornerman and coach for the competition team over the years and we are blessed to have him!


Competition Record

Amateur Kickboxing Record
3 and 0 in full contact kickboxing

Western Canadian Martial Arts Challenge
2013 Advanced WKC Continuous Sparring (200 lb) Division gold medal winner

Be First Championship
• March 23, 2013 Advanced Continuous Sparring (Open weight) Division gold medal winner
• June 22, 2014 Advanced Continuous Sparring (Open Weight) Division gold medal winner

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