Is training in martial arts safe?

The truth is, just as in any sport, training in martial arts carries a certain amount of risk. If you train at high intensity with an aim to compete, you are certain to suffer minor injuries from time to time. Any major injuries are just as likely to occur in many sports as they are in martial arts training. There is a misconception that fighters bash each other in the head every day but the truth is that at a good school, the training is intense but very careful. If not, competitors would never make it to fight day! The good news is that not everybody needs to train like competitive fighters. Most people (even some who think they want to compete) do not really want to go through the necessary work that is required to prepare for actual competition. Our school offers the recreational martial artist a safe environment to learn martial arts techniques and get fit at a pace that they are comfortable with. We do not subject our members to dangerous situations they are not comfortable with. Sparring is NOT a requirement and any member who does not respect the boundaries of other members (regardless of how tame they feel those boundaries to be) will be asked to seek training elsewhere. Members who wish to take their training to a competitive level to be tested will work together in their own group with the understanding of the risk they are undertaking. If you are looking to study martial arts recreationally for fun and fitness, you can come to us and we will take excellent care of you.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

Not with us. We feel that our services should be what keeps you coming back for more rather than a signed commitment you made. It is somewhat outside the norm to operate this way but we feel it keeps the pressure on us to provide quality training so our members can’t wait to come back for more rather than wishing they had never signed a contract in the first place. Many schools offer month to month payment options but the prices are often inflated to encourage a longer term commitment. Our rates are highly competitive and you won’t feel like you just bought a car from a used car lot when you sign up. You can pay for whatever amount of lessons you wish and if we are not providing you what you need you can use what you have paid for and discontinue your training with us . . . We don’t see that happening.

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